Affirmation Beaded Necklace (1) Stainless Steel

Affirmation Beaded Necklace (1) Stainless Steel

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The Beaded collection is the perfect line of fashionable, empowering jewellery! 

Each necklace comes with a 1.5mm ball chain, made of nickle-free stainless steel (comes with a standard ball clasp.) and ONE beads in the same metal. 

Beads will move and spin when worn, giving a fidget-style feature. Rub or spin beads when you need an affirmation reminder!

Chain comes in 30” length which can easily be shortened by cutting with strong scissors or wire cutters. 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful unique jewelry

Loved the necklace, the special message are so unique and the quality is great too. Would definitely order again from this company.

Lisa Jean
Little Balls of Joy

I bought three thinking I’d string them together however they are heavier than I imagined. That being said I still love them and the fact the change is adjustable is great.

C Birrell
Surprised with Quality

I LOVE the weight of these beads! I shouldn’t have been surprised because the quality of everything GHG sells is top notch.

Love it!

Looks great and the long chain is the perfect length. I can add more beads as well which is nice.

One of my fav GHG pieces!

I’m so happy with this necklace. I love the long chain, it means I can wear my necklace under my shirt so my msg is even more close to me. I love this necklace option because it allows for multiple msg beads at the same time, multiple reminders. Stylish and practical, and love the gold option! I’ve even gifted one since owning mine!