Be Unbreakable.





"I absolutely love my Mama Bear bangle! Some days when I feel I just can't do one more "melt down" or "please get your shoes on" or another glaring look from a stranger... I look down and see my bangle and remember, I am his Mama Bear. I will protect, defend, guide and love him no matter what!"

Jessika S.

"My bangles always reminds me that my voice is my power, even if I can't always say how I am feeling out loud, I know it is there. A couple months ago, I gave away my UNFUCKWITHABLE bracelet to a friend who needed a reminder that she, too had a voice and that her voice was powerful. We all need to support one another. That being said, I miss that one bracelet! Although I still have Pefectly Imperfect and Exhale the Bullshit as a daily reminder, I'm not quite complete without the other! I love the GHG brand!"

Jan D.

"I love the bangle bracelets. I have 4 of them. They make me feel so sassy and empowered when I wear them! The quality is terrific. Never have to worry about tarnishing or discoloration. My next purchase will be the beaded necklace!"

Cheryl K.

"I treated myself to the “Keep Fucking Going “ bangle when I reached my 20lb weight loss goal. When I am feeling tired or over stressed, it reminds me to keep going. I just purchased the mother daughter set as my “prize” for my 40lb weight loss goal, it’s sitting on my dresser still wrapped as I’m not quite there, reminds me to carry on as my 23 year old daughter needs to see her mom get healthy!! I’m sure I’ll continue to collect these wonderful products to mark more milestones in my life!! Thank you!!"

Stacey B.

"I was an instant convert. GHG's Inner Voice bangle helped me calm my inner critic and find my outer voice. I then moved to the beaded bangle and buy myself a bead a month to remind myself of my strengths. When I start to spiral into anxiety I repeat the words on my growing bead collection as my mantra and begin to breathe again.

I rarely take these pieces off and yet I never have to worry about them. The quality is spectacular, they never tarnish and they have the perfect weight to feel really deluxe.

More than that, Ricki has created a girl gang I am proud to be part of.

In every way Glass House Goods is there for me as a constant reminder that "YES THE FUCK I CAN!".

Adrianne VG

"I discovered GHG as a fellow maker at markets and have been hooked ever since. The simplicity of the messages Ricki’s jewelry provides really struck a chord with me. My “breathe” ring lives on my finger 24/7 and is my gentle reminder to breathe through the rough moments throughout the day. My “I got it from my mama” bangle allows me to feel close to my mama when we’re not together. My “I am enough” necklace is worn on the days when I need a reminder that I’m not perfect, but I sure as hell am worthy. My jewelry goes with literally everything I own and gives me the boost I sometimes need! Thank you for always being there when I need it GHG

Ashley C.