Affirmation Beaded Necklace (3) Stainless Steel
Affirmation Beaded Necklace (3) Stainless Steel

Affirmation Beaded Necklace (3) Stainless Steel

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The Beaded collection is the perfect line of fashionable, empowering jewellery! 

Each necklace comes with a 1.5mm ball chain, made of nickle-free stainless steel (comes with a standard ball clasp.) and THREE beads in the same metal. 

Beads will move and spin when worn, giving a fidget-style feature. Rub or spin beads when you need an affirmation reminder!

Chain comes in 30” length which can easily be shortened by cutting with strong scissors or wire cutters. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura Waite

Quality is fantastic. Will have this piece for ever. Just wish the lettering on the “no fucks given” bead was more legible… it’s different from the other beads

Shannon Lorenzi

I love my new affirmation bead necklace. I love that I can keep it tucked away or on display. I love that the words are small for only me to see as a reminder. I enjoy the weight of necklace. The length is perfect for me to fidget with when I'm feeling out of sorts.

Katie Collins

This piece is strong i love it. The length is amazing and I love the weight of it. The options for different beads is great and being able to add on some more or mix them up. The messages and weight make them very helpful for anxiety and relaxing. Thank you

Emily Prosser
So cute!

I’m not one to typically wear necklaces but I love this so much! I got comments on it during a work video call - people were so curious where it was from!
Love how subtle the affirmations are!

Cathy Carr

Ordered a necklace for my sister and one for myself.... she was thrilled and so was I.